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Jaina Newsletter:All Religions Conference, Welcome to Austin Jain Sangh
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Message from President

Jai Jinendra!

On behalf of JAINA EC and BOD, it gives me great pleasure to extend warm welcome to our newest and 71st JAINA Member - Jain Sangh of Greater Austin. I look forward to greeting them at JAINA BOD meeting in Dallas from May 14 to May 15.

Less than 100 spots are left for YJA Convention from July 1-4, 2016 in Los Angeles. Please register your Youths now to avoid disappointment later. Details are provided below.

A beautiful Jain Digest is ready to go to print. Register or update your address at www. to receive Jain Digest.

Ashok Domadia
JAINA President
Chairman - JAINA BOD

Quote Of The Month

A truthful person is treated as reliable as the mother, as venerable as the guru (preceptor) and as beloved as the one who commands knowledge.

-Mahavir Swami

A Landmark Event: Shretunjay Aadinath Mahima Mohatsav

Shretunjay Aadinath Mahima Mohatsav took place at the foothills of Palitana from March 20-22, 2016. It was a landmark event in the history of our Jain Shasan where sixteen Gachadhipatis, several Aacharya Bhagvants and hunderds of Munis participated at the Mohatsav.

The goal of this event was Palitana Tirth Raksha which was sponsored by the team JYOT.

(Watch the Mahotsav highlights by clicking on picture)

Acharya Lokesh Muni in conference of All Religion at India Habitat Centre - New Delhi

Founder of Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti, Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni, addressing the all Religion conference for World Peace organized at India Habitat Centre, said that World Peace is possible only after achieving peace of mind. Peace is necessary for development He said through this conference all the religious leaders want to give the message to the world that religion is not against development but when materialistic development is based on spiritual development it can be a blessing.

YJA Convention 2016 – Agents Of Change

YJA Convention team has planned various exciting events like Jain Academic Bowl, Jains in Action, Jain Networking Forum and other Social Programs like Mela, Talent Competition, Garba and the list goes on. We don’t think you would like to miss it. Would you? Grab your spot before it’s gone. Less than 100 days are left for the convention, and over 80% of the spots have been filled up.

In order for YJA to provide attendees with unforgettable sessions, social events, food, souvenir items, and much more, YJA team appreciates your support.

Jain Story: Shri Haribhadrasuri

Once upon a time, while Pandit Haribhatt was passing by Dharmagar in a palanquin, he happened to listen to a gatha (verse) being sung in a tranquil and melodious voice. Pandit Haribhatt made numerous efforts to interpret its meaning but he failed to understand it. He had mastered four Vedas, all the Upnishads and eighteen Purans as also all the branches of knowledge and yet he failed to make out the meaning of the verses. He felt small and his pride in being knowledgeable began to melt. In all humility, he went to the Sadhviji and requested her to interpret the ‘gatha’ for him..

TestTube News: Jainism is the World’s Most Peaceful Religion

Although, so many religions talk about live and let live policy, this TestTube video explains why Jainism is the most peaceful religion. Watch the video by clicking on below picture.

Jain Sadhviji Died in a Fatal Accident

A 62-year old Sadhviji, Shri Smriti Pragya, who was in wheelchair, died on the spot after meeting with a fatal accident on Mumbai-Kolkata National Highway number 53 in Chhatisgarh’s Mahasamund district around 5:00 am on March 27.

Shri Smriti Pragyaji was on the way to Samet Sikhar along with her fellow monks. A truck hit Sadhvi Pragya leaving her dead on the spot, while two Sadhvis, who were pulling the wheelchair, and three other men sustained injuries in the mishap.

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