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JAINA Newsletter : COVID-19, Jain Center News, Jain Story, Uvasaggahram Stotra etc...


Dear Sadharmik brothers and sisters,
Jai Jinendra!

I hope all are fine and giving the utmost priority to the health and safety of yourselves, family and the community during this Coronovirus pandemic. Please read the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) given below.

JAINA is happy to know how our Jain Centers are coming forward to support the community during this difficult time. JAINA is proud of YJA who is helping Jain Centers setting up online pathshala for kids and youth. May be from this crisis, a new model for learning Jainism will emerge. Please feel free to send your suggestions on how the Web can be used to further our educational goals.

Did you know, Acharya Bhadrabahu Swami composed UvasaggahramStotra, in 2nd–4th century AD, to pay respect to the 23rd Jain Tirthankar Bhagwan Parshvanath and seek Bhagwan’s help in vanishing a Upsarg of plague disease, created by Vyantardev among the people? It is said that the impact of this Stotra is so great that the strength of Vyantar got immensely diminished. Read the whole story below.

Let us chant the powerful Stotra of Uvasaggahram and ask for the strength to fight against the virus in this difficult time. Read the stotra with its English translation below.

Mahesh Wadher
JAINA President


Different parts of the United States are seeing different levels of COVID-19 activity. The United States nationally is in the initiation phase of the pandemic. States in which community spread is occurring are in the acceleration phase. The duration and severity of each pandemic phase can vary depending on the characteristics of the virus and the public health response. The duration and the severity of each phase can vary depending on the characteristics of the virus and the public health response.

This crisis threatens everyone's way of life, but it is especially difficult for people who are already vulnerable-including those with pre-existing medical conditions, no savings, or inflexible jobs.

JAINA World Community Service (WCS) is launching a fund for the victims of this unfathomable tragedy and ask the Jains of North America to contribute. The funds will be used for a humanitarian project that will be selected & executed against once the relief operations end and rehabilitation work begins.

Please make your tax-deductible contribution through JAINA at the link below.

Guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC)

JAINA urges anyone who has symptoms of severe to moderate cold, cough, combined with fever, etc. to refrain from visiting their Temple / Center facilities until the symptoms are resolved. Please note many Jain centers will remain closed until the end of March to prevent the spreading of germs.

There are simple things you can do to help protect yourself and others:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • If the sickness prolongs more than a few days, seek the advice from a Physician.
  • Click Here to View the Latest Guidelines from the CDC


On March 21, 2020, YJA organized an online pathshala for the Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago. All levels of classes had very good attendance.

During the online pathshala, Jain Center of New Jersey, Cherry Hill kids applauded for the emergency workers who are working around the clock during the Coronavirus pandemic by blowing Sankha and clapping.

JAINA Convention 2021 - Logo Competition

During this Quarantine, here’s how you can contribute to JAINA Convention 2021. Showcase your talent by creating JAINA Convention 2021 Logo on the theme “Jainism - The Path to Peace” and win an iPad Pro or Apple gift card of equal value.

The deadline to submit your entries is March 31st, 2020. Please read the guidelines and submission details here. JAINA Convention Planning Committee is working hard to put together everything for the Convention 2021.

JAIN STORY: Bhadrabahu Swami Composed Uvasaggaharam Stotra To Give Relief From Plague

Shri Bhadrabahu Swami was born in Pratishthanpur. He and his brother Varahmihira both were expert scholars of 4 Vedas and 14 Vidyas. Their meeting with Shrutakevali Shri Yashobhadrashri resulted in their initiation. However, the Guru considered Bhadrabahu as a more deserving candidate for the learning of 14 purvas as also the acharyapada and so the Guru appointed him as his successor.

Uvasaggaharam Stotra With English Translation

This Stotra is the compilation of the qualities of Lord Parshvanatha, the remover of all the impediments.

उवसग्गहरं पासं, पासं वंदामि कम्म-घण मुक्कं ।
विसहर विस निन्नासं, मंगल कल्लाण आवासं ।।१।।
Uvasaggaharam Päsam, Päsam Vandämi Kamma-ghan-mukkam;
Visahar-vis-ninnäsam, Mangal Kallän Äväsam (1)

Translation: I bow to Lord Parshwanath, who is attended by the distress removing Parshwa deity, who is free from all types of Karma, who is the destroyer of the poisonous defilements and who is the abode of bliss and well-being.

विसहर फुलिंग मंतं, कंठे धारेइ जो सया मणुओ ।
तस्स गह रोग मारी, दुट्ठ जरा जंति उवसामं ।।२।।
Visahar-fuling Manatam, Kanthe Dharei Jo Sayä Manuo;
Tassa Gah Rog Märi, Duttha-Jarä Janti Uvasämam. (2)

Translation: Those who recite with faith the Mantra is known as “Visahara Fuling Mantra” their misfortunes, chronic illness, plague, and other fatal epidemic diseases and febrile illnesses are cured. There is an 18 letter Visaharfulling Mantra associated with the name of Pärshwanäth, which is considered effective against all types of pain and affliction. The Mantra is NamiunaPäsaVisaharaVasahaJinaFullinga.

चिट्ठउ दुरे मंतो, तुज्झ पणामो वि बहु फलो होइ ।
नरतिरिएसु वि जीवा, पावंति न दुक्ख-दोगच्चं।।३।।
Chitthau Dure Manto, Tujza Panamo Vi Bahu-falo Hoi;
Naratiriesu Vi Jivä, Pävanti Na Dukkha-Dogachcham (3)

Translation: Let alone recitation of this Mantra, even sincere obeisance to you also would be highly fruitful; Those who offer sincere obeisance to you will have a life free of sufferings in all their future human or animal lives. The darkness disappears with the rise of the sun. But prior to sunrise, there is the twilight of the morning, which removes the darkness of the night. Similarly, the above said Mantra would, no doubt, remove the pain and distress, but even the obeisance to the Lord can avert such affliction.

तुह सम्मत्ते लद्धे, चिंतामणि कप्पपाय वब्भहिए ।
पावंति अविग्घेणं, जीवा अयरामरं ठाणं ।।४।।
Tuha Sammatte Laddhe, Chintämani Kappa-Päyavabbhahie;
Pävanti Avigghenam, Jivä Ayaramaram Thänam. (4)

Translation: By gaining the right perception laid by you, which is superior to the desire yielding jewel (Chintamani) and the desire yielding tree(kalpaVruksha), souls easily attains Moksha where there is no old age or death.

इअ संथुओ महायस, भत्तिब्भर निब्भरेण हिअएण ।
ता देव दिज्ज बोहिं, भवे भवे पास जिणचंद ।।५।।
Ea Santhuo Mahäyas, Bhatti-bbhar-nibbharen Hiyaenam;
Tä Dev Dijza Bohim, Bhave Bhave Päs Jinachanda (5)

Translation: Oh! Universally revered Lord, I have thus prayed to you with the heart flowing with devotion; hence Omniscient Parshwa Lord, bestow the wisdom to me in every life.

Jain Story: Six Dravyas - Part 2

In the last newsletter, we studied the Six Dravyas and their common attributes (Read the previous article here). Now let’s understand their different/special attributes.

II. Pudgala matter has 4 special attributes:

(1) touch (2) taste (3) smell (4) color
III. Dharma has for its special attribute the quality of being the medium of motion.
IV. Adharma is the medium of rest.
V. Akasha or space's special attribute is to give place to all substances.
VI. Kala or time's special attribute is to bring about modifications (paryaya).

Modifications occur only with reference to attributes. This alone is what is meant by birth and decay. Modifications or conditions change, i.e. a new condition is born, i.e comes into existence (utpada) and the old one decays, i.e. goes out of existence (vyaya).


Moksha is not attained in the absence of attributes and freedom is not attained in the absence of moksha.

- Uttradhayana Sutra

YJA Update

YJA has a pro-tip for you on social distancing: Work on your talent and submit an application to the Lone Star Talent Show, LIVE! Applications are due April 19, 2020! Learn more here:


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