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JAINA Newsletter : Japanese Are Making Transition From Zen To Jain Religion, Jain Center News, etc..


Dear Sadharmik brothers and sisters,
Jai Jinendra!

A proud moment for Jains around the world to know how people of other religions are finding their peace in the Jain Dharma. Thousands of Japanese people are getting converted from Zen to Jain and practicing Jain way of life. Just a month ago, 2,500 Japanese travelled to Tharad in northern Gujarat, India where they recited Jain prayers, ate Satvik food before sunset, mediate and resolved to follow the same lifestyle when they go back home. Read more about it below.

JOY – Youth wing of the Jain Society of Greater Detroit had a winter camp. They had a fun-filled event where they played games, discussed Jain topics, kids made food, gave awards, and spent time together. More details below.

Recently, YJA had an annual winter retreat in the Northeast Region, while YJP and the Youth Committee of Jain Society of Greater Atlanta conducted a Career panel in Atlanta. Details given below.

Mahesh Wadher
JAINA President



Inspired by the spiritual thought of Jainism, many people living in Japan are travelling all the way to India to get converted from Zen to Jain.

According to a leading newspaper, many Japanese people are opting to live like astute Jains. From wrapping a white loincloth on the body, chanting Navkar Mantra, performing chauviyar and drinking warm water, to meditating for hours at Temples in Japan.

The town of Naganoken, home to the seventh century Zenko-Ji temple with a hidden Buddha, sees hundreds of Japanese nationals travel to Palitana and Shankheswar in Gujarat, to embrace Jainism every year. Most of these people initially were the followers of Zen, a school of Mahayana Buddhism that originated in China during the Tang dynasty, they are known as the Chan School and later developed into various schools. After Naganoken, the popularity of Jainism is spreading in Osaka and Tokyo too. Not only have thousands of Japanese turned to Jainism, but many are taking up monkhood.

Just a month ago, 2,500 Japanese travelled to Tharad in northern Gujarat and spent a week there with the disciples of Jayantsen Suriswarji Maharaj Saheb. Nityasen Suriswarji Maharaj Saheb mentioned that these people follow all the rules of Jainism from praying with them, eating Satvik food before the sun sets, mediating and following the same lifestyle when they go back home. Maharaj Saheb also mentioned the new temple is being planned in Japan and now there are more than 5,000 families that are newly inducted into Jainism.

Churushi, who has changed her name as Tulsi, wanted to take Diksha (renunciation). She said “My guru entrusted me with a bigger task: To spread Jainism across Japan. Every month, since then I have been travelling to India four to five times a year with hundreds of Japanese who are ready to embrace Jainism. Another group of Japanese nationals is expected to travel to Gujarat next week. The Japanese are also taking Hindi tutorials to understand the intricacies of the religious texts



Recently, JOY- the youth wing of the Jain Society of Greater Detroit had a winter camp. It was full of fun where they played games, discussed Jain topics, kids made food, gave awards, and spent time together. The event was successful with great participation. Kudos to all JOY kids and JOY Board for their hard work to make this event successful and memorable.





Last weekend, YJA had an annual winter retreat in the Northeast Region where they had the region’s first-ever ski retreat. Over 15 attendees came together in Windham, New York for a weekend they'll never forget. From making blankets for the homeless to exploring new recipes to an exciting day at the slopes, this weekend was one for the books! YJA is so excited to see the growth in this region, and can't wait to see what the Northeast brings next.



In an effort to support the youth of the local Atlanta community, YJP Local Representative for Atlanta, Purvi Shah, conducted a Career Panel event on February 23rd at the Jain Society of Greater Atlanta (JSGA) in partnership with the JSGA Youth Committee.

The event was geared towards giving career advice and mentorship to high school and college students, and was widely attended by about 100 JSGA members! The keynote speech was delivered by Padma Bhushan Dr. Jagdish Sheth. Purvi moderated the panel, and speakers of the panel were YJP members: Mitesh Shah, Saloni Desai, Kruti Shah, Jinen Shah, and Sunny Shah. YJP is hoping to host many such initiatives in the future to help our youth!




1) The word for non-possession used by Jains.
7) The first of the 'Three Jewels' by which all Jains must live.


2) The daily prayer asking for forgiveness from all living things.
3) Avoiding violence to all living things.
4) The five 'great vows' taken by Jain monks and nuns.
5). The word used by Jains for not stealing or taking more than they need.
6). The name of the person who said 'Do not injure, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture or kill any creature or living thing.


Across: 1) Aparigraha 7) Samyakdarshan
Down: 2) Pratikraman 3) Ahimsa 4) Vrata 5) Asteya 6) Mahavira



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