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Jainism Chair at UC-Davis, Impact of Religious Knowledge etc
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Jai Jinendra!

Congratulations to Mrs. Mohini Jain for a generous grant of $ 1.5 M to establish Chair for Jain Studies at University of California, Davis. Jain Community has donated a total of $ 25 M to-date to establish Jain Studies at 16 Universities across USA – mostly in last 3 years. Thanks to efforts of Dr. Sulekh Jain and Dilip V. Shah, JAINA Academic Liaison Committee, for their amazing efforts to make it happen.

Ashok Domadia
JAINA President
Chairman - JAINA BOD


As gold does not cease to be gold even if it is heated in the fire; an enlightened man does not cease to be enlightened on being tortured by the effects of karma.

- Mahavira (Samayasara, 184)
Naminath Swami is the 21st Tirthankar of the Avsarpani kaal. He was born to King Vijay and Queen Vapra Devi in the city of Mithila Nagri. He attained nirvana at Samet Shikhar and had 17 Gandhars. He took 3 bhavs after Samyak Darshan to attain moksh. The topic of his first sermon was Duties of Shravak.

The duties of a Shravak are-
  1. Shravak who desires spiritual elevation must sacrifice sleep. He must get up 1.5 hrs before sunrise and offer salutation to the panch-parmesti and to recite Navkar-Mantra.
  2. Follow the preaching of Jain Sadhu.
  3. He should study Jain scriptures.
  4. He should do Samayik.
  5. Follow discipline in daily activities.
  6. Charity of four kinds.- food, medicines, knowledge and Abhaya daan

In this neoteric era, it is hard for man to co-op up with the fast pace life where resources are limited and desires are endless. If we fail to limit our wants, how it can bring an earthquake in one’s happy life. Here’s a story:

One year back when Shivam got married to Sneha, their joys knew no bounds, as they both felt that “marriages are made in heaven” and they were perfectly made for each other. Shivam was quite aware of Jainism and its Doctrine but he found it difficult to explain to his wife ,though jain, she hardly knew about Jainism and how it could enhance their lives and bring peace and happiness too.

Sneha joined kitty parties, clubs and craved to have expensive holidays and parties and social meets because she wanted to flaunt with her attires and accessories, diamonds and dreams and what not.

On and off they would end up in quarrels as Sneha’s wish list was like an abyss. Shivam tried hard, but it was a herculean task for him. But he could face the upheavals and uncertainties of life because of his knowledge in Jainism.

But fortunately one day Sneha along with her friends happen to hear a Sermon being delivered by muniji on” Aparigrah”. Aparigrha means to Limit one’s desires and possessions. It is actually the concept of non possessiveness, non greediness. In common language in the ocean of desires it is only a want for a bucket of water.

A big volcano of thoughts, karma and deeds really hammered Sneha’s brain. She understood how slowly she became voracious and always had a futile argument with Shivam for no fault of his and always left him in dilemma.

For the first time, she felt, she was in her senses ,she had something to fall back on. The list today she made was full of limits and saugandh (promises) on the buying of sarees, dresses, chappals. She had limited herself for seeing movies, going to restaurants and many more things. When back home, Shivam was aghast at the sight, how was this possible?

After knowing the whole incident tears rolled down their eyes and both understood the well known saying “Educate person without religion and you make the person a clever devil”. We need to amalgamate both head oriented knowledge and heart oriented devotion for a blissful happy life.

Neeta Rathod
Surat, Gujarat - India


Jain Center of Minnesota (JCM) celebrated Aadinath Nirvan Kalyanak by performing Sangatith Puja on January 21, 2017. This is the first-time JCM performed this puja which started with Snatra Pooja and followed by Adinath Digambar Puja, Aarti, Mangal Divo & Shantikalash. It was well attended event and community members did bhavana with great passion.Bhavya aangi was done by JCM members. JCM youth actively participated in this event.

Puja was followed by Swamivatsalya where food committee prepared and served Vegan food.

JCM is thankful to all volunteers and donors for their generous contributions. This Puja was a great way to start year 2017 and celebrate Sangh unity.

Registration for the South (3/10-3/12), West (3/17-3/19) and Northeast (4/14-4/16) Retreats is open at! The retreats are filling quickly so be sure to reserve your place soon! If you can't attend, you can follow along with the fun on Snapchat @theyoungjains

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‘Pen is mightier than Sword' is a famous saying which we all have heard. Similarly, religious knowledge is mightier than knowledge in general. Religious knowledge is not only the knowledge which we derive from various mediums but is the knowledge which actually purifies our soul and allows us to practice in our daily life


Religious knowledge relieves us from stress, depression, makes us more tolerant, more compassionate and also it changes our perspective towards life and people. It brings us inner joy and satisfaction in our lives.


Please feel free to give your views, opinions and suggestions on above as each view point makes a difference somewhere in somebody's life.

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