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Pratikraman Book (English)

Saturday, August 23, 2008   (9 Comments)
Posted by: Naina Jain
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English Pratikraman Book

It is our humble attempt to bring together a simple Pratikraman ritual for
the English speaking youth and adult community of North America and other
countries.  In this ritual, we have maintained the traditional flavor of
original sutras along with their essence and meaning.

The English Pratikraman Book includes the sutras from various Shvetämbar
traditions.  The meaning of each Pratikramana Sutras is explained in simple
English, which covers six essentials.  This way English speaking youth can
perform this ritual with proper understanding.

Purpose of Pratikraman Ritual

Anger, ego, deceit, and greed arising out of attachment and aversion are the
soul's impurities.  To remove such impurities, Jainism has prescribed six
essential practices (rituals) known as Ävashyaka to be performed daily of
which Pratikramana is defined as the 4th Ävashyak.

During the last few centuries, studies of Jain literature work indicate that
the word "Pratikraman" is used as a common noun for all six essential acts
(six Ävashyaka).  This is also meaningful because during the course of time
the Pratikraman ritual has been enhanced to include all six Ävashyaka.

Hence the entire Pratikraman ritual which covers all six Ävashyaka or six
essential acts, occupies such an important place in the Jain tradition as
does Sandhyä in the Vedic (Hindu) tradition, Namäj in the Islam, Kharavela
Avesta in the Zoroastrian, and prayer in the Jewish and Christian

The six practices are:



Devotional Prayer


Respecting Ascetics


Repentance and Confession of sins


Non-attachment to the Body


Religious Vows

Pratyäkhyäna / Pachchakhäna

The Pratikraman ritual book is divided into six sub-section corresponding to
each Essential.  This way one will have clear understanding of the
performance of each Essential.

Monks and nuns and devoted Jain laymen (Shrävaks and Shrävikäs) staunchly
observe these rituals while other laymen practice them occasionally.  The
annual Pratikraman that all Jains should strive to participate in is called
Samvatsari Pratikraman, which is performed on the last day of Paryushan.

Also we have included the following 4 articles related to Pratikraman and
Paryushan in the book.  Please read these articles before you perform
traditional or the English Pratikraman ritual.

1.  Paryushan and Das Lakshana Parva
2.  Pratikraman and Six Ävashyaka (Essential Rituals)

Sämäyika - Equanimity
Chaturvimshati Stava - Prayer
Vandanä - Respecting Ascetics
Pratikraman - Repentance and Confession of Sins
Käyotsarga - Non-attachment to the Body
Pratyäkhyäna / Pachchakhäna - Religious Vows

3.  Twelve Vows of Laymen (Shrävaks and Shrävikäs)
4.  108 Attributes of the Five Supreme Beings

The following link to Jaina website has pdf file of English Pratikraman.$$$PathashalaBook
You can download the entire English Pratikraman book and use it during
Paryushan / Das-laxana celebration.

You can buy the Pratikraman book - Cost is $1.00 per book + postage ($2.00 +
0.50 per book).  Just send an e-mail to with your postal
address and telephone and we will mail it as soon as possible.  For large
quantity order we will ship via UPS such that it will arrive before
Samvatsari day.  Please send your check to Jaina Education Committee after
you receive the book.


Jatin Shah says...
Posted Tuesday, September 18, 2012$JES931_English_Pratikramana_Color_E5.pdf
Jill Shah says...
Posted Friday, August 26, 2011
Can someone please fix this link?- esp for Parushyan! If someone emails it to me, I'll add it on my site for ppl to access and download for free. thanks!
Prem c. Jain says...
Posted Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Pl send it by e-mail to me I want to have Pratikraman in English written by Dr Surendra Singhvi of Dayton. Thanks and Regards P C Jain
Jatin Shah says...
Posted Monday, August 30, 2010$JES931E4_English_Pratikramana_20090307_Final.pdf
Jatin Shah says...
Posted Monday, August 30, 2010$JES931E4_English_Pratikramana_20090307_Final.pdf trying again...
Jatin Shah says...
Posted Monday, August 30, 2010
You can find all book at|$JES931E4_English_Pratikramana_20090307_Final.pdf|000231 Yes, you have to register.
HARSH N. SHAH says...
Posted Friday, October 17, 2008
The download for the PDF shows that the page cannot be found. If you could please send me an email when the problem is fixed, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Jai Jinendra.
Nirmam S. Vasanwala says...
Posted Sunday, August 31, 2008
The download for the PDF shows that the page cannot be found. If you could please send me an email when the problem is fixed, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Jai Jinendra.
Mahendra Shah says...
Posted Sunday, August 31, 2008
Unable to download the PDF version of book. Get error messges. The page cannot be found The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Will appreicate if you can fix the problem.

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