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Benefits and Services Offered by JAINA to Jains in North America and Affiliates

JAINA has over 70 member organizations supporting over 100,000 Jains in North America. The following are services that JAINA offers to its affiliated organizations, Jains and visitors interested in knowing more about Jain Dharma and Way of Life.

Benefits and Services:

  • Opportunity to Volunteer - Over 20 active projects are underway and these projects are looking for volunteers.
  • Educational Material- 100's of books in English for Jain Pathshala and homes learning as well sample Curriculum.
  • JAINA Convention- Once every two years on July 4th weekend, this event attracts up to 6000 Jains.
  • Jain Calendar - Mailing over 10,000 color calendars with photographs of Jain temples free of cost to Jain families across North America.
  • On-Line Membership and Content - New JAINA site offers fresh content and JainLink offers on-line Blogs, Forums, and secure membership directory.
  • Interfaith Dialog - Educate non-Jains on what is Jain Way of Life and core Jain philosophy.
  • Jain Digest Magazine - Mailed to over 7000 Jain families and now will be sent to all Jains via email/pdf/on-line format
  • TV Show Mangalam - An entertaining show on Jainism and Jain practices broadcasted every Sunday morning.
  • Tirth Yatras (Jain Pilgrimage) - provides at least 1 yatra per year to Jain different Jain temples and holy sites.
  • Disaster Relief - Offer you and your organizations an opportunity to relief efforts throughout the world.
  • Political Action and Public Affairs - Gives Jains a voice in the political process to educate people on Jain Way of Life Education non-Jains on what is Jainism and Jain Way of Life.
  • Long Range Planning - Developing vision, mission, and projects for JAINA and Jains in North America.
  • Jiv Daya (Animal Welfare) - Collects and provides funds to feed and provide shelters to the animals in India.
  • Scholar Visitation - Coordinates the invitation of Jain Monks, Bhattaraks, Nuns to North America for discourses.
  • Jain Academic Scholars - A portal for Jain Scholars to connect and share information and allow access to Jains.

Youth Services:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question: What is relation between JAINA and JainLink?
Answer: JAINA is an organization which has developed JainLink to Connect-Communicate-Collaborate with Jains and among Jains. JainLink services include membership directory, blogs, committee and project groups and store. For more information click here.

Question: Will my information be open on the Internet?
Answer: No. Members will be able to search by first name, last name, or Indian city origin. If they want to contact you, they can send a message to you (they will not be able to see your email or your address or contact information) and you can decide to respond to them or share your information.

Question: Who will control the master password and information?
Answer: Your local center/organization administrator only will have access to securely allow people to sign in and join JainLink. JAINA also will have strict policies and guidelines on how the information will be secured.

Question: What Jain centers are already interested in this?
Answer: All of JAINA, Jain Center of Boston, YJA are active on JainLink. Over the next year JainLink will be rolled out to other center who have expressed interest (these centers include Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Wisconsin, Hartford).

Question: Will this data be sold to anyone else?
Answer: No. This data will not be sold or misused. Users have rights to their own data and content and can make it fully or partially private or delete it.

Question: Who is managing JAINA's JainLink?
Answer: The team is comprised of both Local Jain Center and JAINA leaders. The current team includes: Chandrakant Vora – Project Lead, Past JCGBoston President, Head of NA Jain Directory
Girish Shah - Head of JAINA Technology Team
Dhimen Vora - IT Manager

If you have any additional questions, please send an email to

In addition to the above services, JAINA offers many other resources, contacts, and support. Please feel free to contact us at call 510-990-0204.

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