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99 Yatra 2016 Trip
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Jai Jinendra!

It is a great pleasure to announce that the Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) has finalized a religious pilgrimage to one of the holiest and historical places in Jain religion. We have organized a 99 Yatra event to the Shatrunjay Mahatirth in Palitana in 2016. The yatra will commence in India from November 14, 2016 through January 13, 2017.

The ninety-nine yatra will be performed under the guidance of Acahrya Bhagwant (Name to be announced later on) and Shri Punch Parmeshati Ratna Narendrabhai Nandu and his team.

This is a unique opportunity to participate in this historic, once in a lifetime event for members of Jain Society’s all across North America. Our 2011 99-yatra in Palitana proved remarkably successful and we hope to make this upcoming one also one of the most memorable historic pilgrimage event.

To read more, please click on the images below or their titles to download pdfs.

Full 2016 Yatra Mailing Package


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Temple EC & BOT Mailing Package


Below is a presentation from our 2011 Yatra:

All information regarding the Yatra is also available through the JAINA website: under the sub-menu: JAINA COMMITTEES 99 YATRA 2016 TRIP.


Finally, if you or other respective society members have any questions regarding this historic religious

Jai Jinendra and I thank you for your support in publicizing this extraordinary event.

Sharad R. Shah - (248)-879-6981 (H)
Praful L. Shah - (248)-851-1978 (H)
Arvind V. Shah - (248)-681-5233 (H)
Kayvan Nandu - 011-91-9819979968 (India)


JAINA had organized Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth 99 yatra, Chharipalit sangh and Girnar tirth yatra from November 14th 2016 through January 13th 2017 (60 days) from Shree Mewad Bhavan Dharmashala, Palitana India under the leadership of Mr.Arvind Shah of U.S.A. and Mr.Narendrabhai Nandu of India. This yatra was attended by 80 people from North America and Canada.

The 99 yatra was blessed by P.P.Shri Mahapdmasuriswarji Maharaj Saheb and his sadhu and sadhvi samudaay.

This yatra was one of kind in JAINA HISTORY.This yatra included 99 yatra at Palitana, Four days Chhari Palit sangh from Songadh to Palitana and Girnar Tirth yatra.

This yatra included Navkar mantra Jap, Parshva Panch Kalynak puja, Giriraj Chatrishi, Three Acharya padvi, Two Diksha, Santra puja at various locations like Ryan Pagla, Adinath derasar, Pundrick swami derasar, Taleti, SantinathDerasar.

99 Prakari Puja @ Dada's Darbar,Giriraj Vadhamana, Guru Vadhamana, Giri Pujan .One and half gau,3,& 6 Gau yatra,Navtuk yatra, Gheti pag yatra. Panch tirth yatra:-Shatrunjay dam temple,Kadamgiri, Bhandaria , Mahuva and Talaja tirth.

Shri Girnar tirth yatra including Tonk city and Vanthli temple. Tirthmala was given to each yatris. Everybody enjoyed the 99 yatra blissfully and took home divine memories.

Arvind R. Shah
Chairman, JAINA 99 Yatra Project 2016
(H) (248) 828-1736
(C) (248)-835-7395
Ashok Domadia
President, JAINA
(510) 979-9312