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Mahavira: The Hero of Nonviolence

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NEW: Mahavira Children's Book - Mahavira: Hero of Nonviolence

Just as children read about and watch superheroes, like Spiderman and Batman, they need to be exposed to spiritual heroes, like Buddha, Jesus and Confucius. Mahavira is one such spiritual hero who preached the principle of ahimsa, nonviolence, towards all. This story brings this hero to light for young readers and helps them recognize the universal power of nonviolence. This story helps the older readers realize that we are all on a spiritual journey.

Mahavira is one of the many great spiritual heroes, and while few know him name, everyone knows his philosophy of  ahimsa, nonviolence, as practiced by Gandhi and King. This book helps young readers learn about the roots of ahimsa in an ancient tradition. This book complements the many other pieces done by Demi, including Buddha, Krishna and Confusions.

Pre order your copy today for $19.99 $14.99 until August 1, 2014!  Only a limited number of books will be printed. 

Books will be distributed in September 2014.

For further questions about this project please contact Dr. Manoj Jain at

Read some early reviews:

“Mahavira’s message of compassion and nonviolence has echoed through the centuries, influencing the lives of millions both directly and indirectly. This beautiful new children’s biography of the great Jain leader, with its vividly colored illustrations and flowing text, is bound to bring his message of nonviolence to even more people today.”

Pankaj Jain, author, scholar, and educator

“Mahavira: The Hero of Nonviolence is a beautifully illustrated children’s story based upon the life of a teacher of the Jain faith. With lots of bright reds, an illustrative style and child-friendly, simple-to-understand text, this book will enchant children and adults.…

“Author Manoj Jain has written previous books regarding medicine and faith. He has created an easy-to-follow story which will spark children’s curiosity, inviting them to ask questions and to think about themselves beyond their visual life, and into their spirit. He gives definitions and explanations as needed, such as the quote in the previous paragraph. The text is simple enough for a school-aged child to understand, with short sentences and brief explanations: ‘During this time the prince grew more and more generous. Each day he donated thousands of gold coins to those in need.’

“Demi, the illustrator, has created bright Eastern Art-based illustrations, with pops of gold and red, many rich colors, and designed borders. The outlined images help define the foreground objects on mostly solid color backgrounds. Children will love these eye-catching drawings and choosing their favorite animal or flower image.

“The cover defines the story well, with the title in script at the top, and Demi’s illustrations of Mahavira and animals below, showing how they are all at peace. A short explanation about Mahavira and Jains is the back copy, with another illustration below. The inside layout has text on the outer edges of the pages, with bordered illustrations on each page, or sometimes a two page spread of the illustration. The author includes on the copyright page a brief description of Jainism, which helps with the understanding of the background of Mahavira. The book as a package is easy to follow and pleasant to look at.

“Peaceful and loving, Mahavira: The Hero of Nonviolence, is a gracious book with exquisite illustrations, a strong story, and an important moral of nonviolence.”

—Beth VanHouten, from a review in ForeWord Reviews