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Reader and Community Comments

Reader and Community Comments

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First and foremost, I feel I must congratulate you and your team on producing such an extensive and thorough and enlightening report on how Jains can do their bit for the environment.

PS: Having found your Digest, I feel strong and proud to ask questions about how Jains can and should protect the environment.

Jai Satyagraha, Jai Jinendra,

Sagar Sumaria, UK

This is the first time I have learn in great detail about the life of Dr. Jagdishbhai Sheth. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the early childhood and life achievements of Dr. Jagdishbhai Sheth. They are breathtaking. His life is full of great inspiration to us and our children. And his work and research will remain a great inspiration to future generations. Despite his remarkable achievements as a Marketing Guru, he is very humble, accessible and a true Jain. I was privileged and honored to perform the marriage of his son in Los Angeles. And when my daughter Dr. Gaitri Dave' graduated from Emory Medical School , Dr. Jagdishbhai and his wife Mrs. Madhuben Sheth had very kindly hosted a party to celebrate her graduation at their very beautiful home in Atlanta. And we are indeed grateful for their kindness and generosity.

It is no exaggeration to say that he is one in a million, and it is indeed our great fortune that he is our family friend.

I owned a motel business in Southern California for many years. A few years ago, a handsome, tall black man had come to our business. After a while, he asked me if I was from India. I replied yes. He said that when he was doing his MBA at the University of Chicago, there was a great and outstanding professor named Dr. Sheth and if I have heard his name. I said yes. I proudly told him that he is our family friend. He asked me where he is. I told him he lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He said it would indeed be nice to talk to him. I called Dr. Jagdishbhai Sheth and gave his number to his ex -student and they were reunited after many years via phone. This gentleman had stated that all the students wanted to attend his class and it was always a joy and a great learning experience whenever we attended the class of Dr. Jagdish Sheth. The student of Dr. Sheth owns a very successful car dealership in Southern California.

Vinod Dave, CA

Jai Jinendra.

I am always in favor of Jain Digest. All of you are doing a great job to keep information and communication alive within thousands of Jain families. However, I am not in favor of eJain Digest even though I am working in IT field. Following are my few reasons.

1. Not easy to read online.

2. You can not finish reading all articles on same day. So, you need to go back. Meanwhile, you get so many other emails that you forget to go back and finish reading other articles.

3. Due to lots of email, sometimes you miss the important one. And for me eJain Digest email may be an important one.

4. Cannot read at your convenient time which is generally in the evening and/or night time because you have to have computer (desktop or laptop). And Jain Digest in book format is not nearby you or you cannot quickly grab it to read. You cannot read during "samayik".

So, we (JAINA) may be saving some money but it may not solve the purpose. So far I have read almost all issues completely and sometimes I have cut some articles for my future use or for my students at Pathshala. I am sorry but I have given you my honest opinion and what I personally felt.

Thank you,

Dipen Shah

Well done. Great job, Lot of thing to read. JAINA website is really admirable. Thanks to all the people working behind.

Software glitch: Jaina Digest link opened the "NOTEPAD" so it was unreadable! but other link worked!

Rasik Vagadia,

 Dear All,

Jai Jinendra.

Congratulations. You all at the helm of JAINA have been rendering exemplary services to enable Jains remaining connected.

Probably we in India at home need to take a leaf out of your rich experience and expertise.

Kindly keep up good work. Also let me know if I contribute in any essay/news from my part of India that is Southern region, I am based at Chennai.

Also those who need to visit Chennai and have any work of any nature at Chennai, I shall be glad to assist the process. This offer is based on my belief in Sadharmik Bhakthi which doesn't end with lunch/dinner alone.


Daman Prakash Rathod

Comment from the Editorial Team

Dear Readers,

We really appreciate your comments. Please keep sending them.

Also a special thank you to Prakhar Bhandari for responding to the puzzles.

Warm Regards

eJain Digest Team



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