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The following web sites focus on vegetarianism. Note that not all vegetarian recipes are suitable for Jains who have taken higher Vrats (vows).

Vegetarian for starters

Vegetarian for starters "Your health" page provides basic information on vegetarian and vegan diets and how these diets are beneficial to your health.

Vegetarian Recipe of the Week

Vegetarianism & Ahimsa

Vegetarianism & Activism

Veggies Unite

Veggies Unite provides information on vegetarianism and includes vegetarian recipes, a discussion board, and many articles may provide valuable information.

Vegetarianism in a Nutshell

Offers details about being a vegetarian, as well as specifics regarding vitamins and simple food substitutions.


Promotes people choosing the vegan food habits, and provides vegans with information about what to eat for meals.

Vegan Essentials

Focuses on vegan products ranging from food, clothing, and vitamins.

Go Veg

This is a PETA site that provides information about health, activist kits and information on animal rights.

Milk at What Cost - By Pramodaben Chitrabhanu



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