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JAINA Newsletter: Mahavir Janamakalyanak, 99 Yatra 2016, Jain Youth Exchange Program, Spotlight-JSSD
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Message from President

Jai Jinendra!

Wish you and family sukh shata on the auspicious occasion of Mahavir Janma Kalyanak!

JAINA, with JITO, is proud to present the second phase of the Jain Youth Exchange Program. Details are given below.

JAINA Yatra committee brings you wonderful opportunity to perform 99 Yatra at Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth in India from November 14, 2016 through January 13, 2017. Details are given below.

Ashok Domadia
JAINA President
Chairman - JAINA BOD

Jain Story: Mahavir Janmakalyanak

On the beautiful moonlit night, when Queen Trishla conceived Bhagwan, she saw 14 auspicious dreams - 1) an elephant, 2) a bull 3) a lion, 4) Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, 5) a garland of flowers, 6) the moon, 7) the sun, 8) a flag, 9) a jar filled with water, 10) a lotus-lake, 11) an ocean, 12) a celestial, aerial car,

13) a heap of jewels, 14) smokeless fire. The dream interpreters proclaimed that the dreams augured the birth of a Great One, a Tirthankar.

Mahavir Janam Kalyanak occurs on the 13th day of the rising moon of Chaitra and is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Mahavira, the twenty fourth Tirthankara according to Jain mythology.

Jain Youth Exchange Program

JAINA, with JITO, is proud to present the second phase of the Jain Youth Exchange Program [JYEP]. JYEP offers exposure to different cultures and ranks as one of the most powerful ways to promote both the Indian culture and Jain way of life. JYEP intends to provide hundreds of young adult college students with the opportunity to meet people from other countries and to experience new cultures, planting the seeds for a lifetime of international understanding.

99 Yatra 2016: Shatrunjay Mahatirth, Palitana

It is a great pleasure to announce that the

Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) has finalized a religious pilgrimage to one of the holiest and historical places in Jain religion. We have organized a 99 Yatra event to the Shatrunjay Mahatirth in Palitana in 2016. The yatra will commence in India from November 14, 2016 through January 13, 2017.

The ninety-nine Yatra will be performed under the guidance of Acharya Bhagwants. Pujya Pravachan Prabhavak Acharya Shree Vijay Mahapadam Suriswarji Maharaj Saheb and Shri Punch Parmeshati Ratna Narendrabhai Nandu and his team will conduct all the activities during these two months. This is a unique opportunity to participate in this historic, once in a lifetime event for members of Jain Society’s all across North America. Our 2011 99-yatra in Palitana proved remarkably successful and we hope to make this upcoming one also one of the most memorable historic pilgrimage event.

JAINA Women’s Committee Celebrates International Women’s Day

JAINA Women’s Committee had recently celebrated “International Women’s Day” at different Jain centers. JCA NY women’s group had an inspiring speech given by a young Jain woman - Shelley Jain on “Self-Esteem”. They also heard Mandaben on how she found her self-esteem and help from her own family by standing up for herself.
The Houston Jain Sangh women’s group created and distributed “Blessing Bags” to the women who are victims of domestic violence, homelessness, refugees who are in desperate needs of basic toiletries. Since the committee has been established in October, Women’s groups are being formed at different centers. For more information for establishing a group at your center, please contact Mamta Shaha at

(Padma Shetti with Shelley Jain)

Center Spotlight: Jain Society of San Diego

Jain Society of San Diego (JSSD) is a small but active Sangh, of approximately 100 families, which remains abuzz with events and activities throughout the year. Center has many activities such as Pathshala, Swadhyay, weekly Pujas, and Musical/ Cultural Events.
JSSD has recently changed their landscape to plant drought-resistant plants across their facility, which has reduced center’s water consumption significantly. Also, addition of 16 Solar Panels has now balanced out center’s entire electricity consumption. They are continuing on this journey to beautify San Diego Jain Center and enhance its religions and spiritual vibrations.

YJA Convention 2016 – Agents Of Change

This year, YJA Convention has attendees coming in from over 30 states across the United States and even Canada and India. Make sure that your state and sangh is well represented as there are limited spots available. Join the Jain Youth to become Agents of Change by registering now at

The 2016 YJA Convention will introduce a new more interactive Jain Academic Bowl (JAB), and an opportunity to participate in a Jain version of a social hackathon in Jains In Action (JIA), a platform for Agents of Change to use Jain values, personal knowledge, and past experiences to solve some of today’s most pressing issues. For more information on our convention events please visit our website at

YJP Events Update

#1:YJP Northeast Rock Climbing Meetup: YJP Northeast had their first ever indoor Rock Climbing Meetup at BKB in Queens Bridge on March 26th. Event had 9 attendees for this fun filled evening. With laughter, enthusiasm, and team spirit, all left as friends, exchanged professional contact information and were already suggesting adventures for the next YJP Northeast Meetup! For future Northeast Events and Meetups join YJP Facebook Page or text your Northeast Coordinator: Avani Shah at 845-518-0620.

#2: YJP Raleigh attends JSCNC'S Mahavir Jayanti Culture Program: YJP Raleigh are performing at the Mahavir Jayanti Cultural Program with the Jain Study Center of North Carolina (JSCNC) and they would love you to join them! The Cultural Program will be held on Sunday, April 24th at 2pm! Check out JSCNC's website for more details about the Mahavir Jayanti Cultural Program here:

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