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Dear Sadharmik brothers and sisters,
Pranam & Jai Jinendra!

I’m glad to inform you that the JAINA Technology Team is working around the clock on the new JAINA website and are on the last leg. Soon we’ll be launching the new user-friendly JAINA website. Stay tuned for more information.

For more than 20 years, JAINA has been providing JAINA Calendar to its members. We’re grateful for your valuable donation and encouragement. To make sure every member of the JAINA family receives the JAINA Calendar 2021, the Calendar committee has created a form where you can fill out your current address and other basic information. Please make sure you fill the below-given form to receive the JAINA Calendar 2021.

On June 18, the University of California Santa Barbara signed the establishment of Bhagwan Vimalnath Endowed Chair in Jain Studies. The event was celebrated virtually and the endowed Chair in Jain Studies was established in perpetuity through one million dollar gift to the University. The funds for the donation were raised by the JAINA Academic liaison Committee from three generous donors. Please read more about the event below.

From June 12-14, 2020, the Jain Society of Central Virginia celebrated their Temple Anniversary virtually. During this 3-day event, the society conducted Samuhik Aarti, Ghee Boli, Samuhik Bhaktamar, Gauhli Competition, etc.. Read more about it below.

Please help in taking a survey of 'COVID-19 in Jain Population to understand if Jains are affected less than the people who are non-vegetarians or not. See the details below.

Mahesh Wadher
JAINA President

JAINA New Website

Recently, the JAINA Technology team had a meeting to discuss and review the new website progress. We are excited to let you know that the new JAINA website is almost on its last leg. Soon JAINA will be launching the new website with aesthetic and user-friendly features. We are looking forward to serving you better with the latest news and quality information on Jain philosophy, literature, activities of JAINA Committee, Jain Centers updates, queries, and more. Stay tuned for more information.

JAINA Calendar 2021

For over 20 years, JAINA Calendar Committee has provided JAINA members a wonderful calendar each year. We thank all of you for your financial support and encouragement.

We mail over 15,000 calendars each year to the addresses we have in our records. However, we realize that our records may not be up-to-date. Due to this situation, some of you are not receiving the calendar, some calendars are sent to your old address and some calendars are sent to your current as well as the old address resulting in duplications and waste.

  1. We would like all of you to let us know your current address and old address so that we can update our records accurately.
  2. We would like to know your email address and mobile number so that we can communicate with you on time.
  3. If for some reason you do not want to receive the JAINA calendar, please let us know.

To make it easier for you to answer these questions, we have created a form. Please fill out the form at the link as soon as possible; the latest by July 15th to enable us to place the appropriate print order.

At the beginning of 2021, the calendar will be mailed to you at the current mailing address that you provide in the form.

Please note that if you do not fill-out the form, you will miss receiving the calendar.

Click on below button to fill out the form.

UCSB signed Bhagwan Vimalnath Endowed Chair in Jain Studies

On June 18, 2020, the University of California Santa Barbara signed the establishment of Bhagwan Vimalnath Endowed Chair in Jain Studies.

The University of California at Santa Barbara’s Department of Religious Studies is recognized as one of the best in the nation. It embraces an inter disciplinary approach to understand the religions around the world and the department was ranked #11 in the nation (2nd among public universities) by the latest National Research Council review while a recent external review considered it as one of the top four in the country. The department emphasizes religion in a global context but the study of South Asian religious traditions is its core strength.

The event was celebrated virtually (on Zoom) where they invited members of UC Santa Barbara, and the Jain community to join John Majewski, Michael Douglas Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts and Fabio Rambelli, Professor and Chair of Religious Studies to celebrate a commitment to establish the Bhagwan Vimalnath Endowed Chair in Jain Studies.

The Bhagwan Vimalnath Endowed Chair in Jain Studies established in perpetuity through one million dollar gifts from Mrs. Raksha and Mr. Harshad Shah, Drs. Meera and Jasvant Modi, and Mrs. Rita and Dr. Narendra Parson.

The Chair will ensure strong faculty in the top-ranked Department of Religious Studies by acting to attract and retain top scholars in Jain and South Asian Studies. The endowed fund will support research, teaching, and programmatic activities of an appointed faculty member in Jain Studies in the Department of Religious Studies in the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts at UC Santa Barbara.

Jain Center Latest News

Jain Society of Central Virginia celebrated the virtual Temple Anniversary from June 12-14, 2020. This 3-day event was celebrated on Facebook live.

They started the program on June 12 with Manglik message from Shri Manak Muniji followed by evening Bhavna by Amitbhai Shah from India. During the Bhavna they had Ghee Boli for Dhwaja which was followed by Samuhik Aarti from their places. Around 50 people/families participated online.

On June 13, they did Samuhik Bhaktamber via Facebook live and Gahuli competition in the morning. Afternoon Samuhik Samayik had 70 participants. In the evening, they Bhavana and finalized the Ghee Boli of Dhwaja.

On June 14, they started the program by listening to Aacharya Shri Rajyash Suriji’s message followed by Snatra Puja. Around 25 Sangh members signed up for Ayambil on this auspicious occasion. Though it was an online live event, everybody participated and enjoyed all the programs.


Have you taken COVID-19 in Jain Population Survey yet? If not, please take the survey. JAINA has developed this survey to find out the incidence of COVID-19 in Jains. This survey will help us understand if Jains are affected less than the people who are non-vegetarians or not.

The survey doesn’t ask any personal information and neither identify anyone. Strict confidentiality will be maintained. Also at any time if you feel that you do not want to continue you can abandon and not complete the survey.

If you have any questions please reach out to Dr. Nitin Shah at 562 244 9035 or email him at

Jain Story: Dhandhan Muni

In the time of the 22nd Tirthankar, Lord Neminath and Shri Krishna there lived a great monk named Dhandhan Muni. He was the son of Shri Krishna but he left his kingdom after hearing Lord Neminath’s magnetic sermons. Since the time of his renunciation, he faced a very difficult problem. Jain monks and nuns do not cook their food; do not get it prepared for them. They go to different householders and receive a little food from each house. For monk Dhandhan Muni, it was the rise of Benefit Obstructing Karma (Laabhantraya Karma). Such type of Karma obstructs benefit whatever he/she gains. For Dhandhan Muni, this Karma obstructed the gaining of food. Wherever he went he would not get food from the householders. The householders would close their door whenever they see Dhandhan Muni approaching their door.


Only that man can take a right decision, whose soul is not tormented by the afflictions of attachment and aversion.

- Bhagwan Mahavir


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