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Please select one of the group categories you wish to join.   For example,  if you wish to join Jain Center of Greater Boston,  please select Local Jain Centers as a category, than it will list all possibe Centers you can join.   Select MA - Jain Center of Greater Boston for this example.
  • Ads in Jain Digest »

  • Ads on Jain Digest managed by Jain Digest committee.
  • Local Jain Centers »

  • There are over 70 vibrant local Jain Centers/Sanghs across North America. Become a member of your local Jain Center as well as others in areas where you visit.
  • e-Jain Digest »

  • e-Jain Digest now provides an interactive forum for you to share your thoughts with the rest of the community.
  • JAINA »

  • JAINA (Jain Associations of North America)offers the leadership for all Jains. It has over 30 committees active in many aspects of sharing and promoting a Jain Way of Life among Jain and Non-Jains. See which committees interest you and become part of them...
  • Young Jains of America »

  • Young Jains of America (YJA) is a committee of Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) who puts emphasis on projects relating to Jain youth from ages 14-29. Our mission is: “to be recognized as a national and international umbrella Jain youth organization for establishing a network to share Jain heritage and religion through young people.”
  • YJP - Young Jain Professionals »

  • YJP's Mission: To increase the awareness and understanding of Jain principles and heritage by promoting networking among Jain professionals.
  • Pathshala »

  • A place for all North America Pathshalas to share contents and manage pathshala registration and administration.
  • Jain Education »

  • Jain Scholars »

  • Jain Scholar can communicate and collaborate with other scholars. If you are studying, teaching, or doing research in Jainism, please become a Jain Scholar member of JainLink.
  • Projects »

  • There are many projects underway to Live and Share a Jain Way of Life and Jainism. Here are those projects.
  • Volunteers »

  • JainLink »

  • JainLink is a free membership group for Jains in North America.