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Articles in eJain Digest March 2010
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Articles in eJain Digest March 2010

Interfaith Activities – A Jain Perspective: You may wonder that as a Jain – a religion followed by so few people in the world compared to Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism – what difference can you make in the context of interfaith dialog? You will be surprised to learn that in spite of the fact that Jains are a very small community, and that most people have not heard about Jainism, interfaith dialog is not a new concept in Jainism, it is fully ingrained in the philosophy and Jainism has made tremendous amount of contributions to the society. Learn about the practice of Interfaith in Jainism right from the time of Mahavir, to its influence in the modern times. ….more….

A Moving Experience - Palitana Viklang Camp: JAINA in co-operation with organizations in UK, USA and Africa sponsored a Mega Mobility Camp from 23rd December 2009 to 9th January 2010 in Palitana. The camp was intended to help around 25,000 physically handicapped and hearing impaired individuals. Read about the success as well as the moving experience of one of participants – Lata Champsee. ….more….

Embracing the tenets of my father’s religion: Everyone acknowledges that North America is a melting pot of cultures and religions. We can no longer deny that the Jain community of North America too is and will increasingly continue to be a similar melting pot of cultures and religions. Read a firsthand account from Stephanie Mehta - executive editor of FORTUNE, how her Christian upbringing was hued with the colors of her Jain heritage. ….more….


Section On Youth Outreach: eJain Digest is proud to bring you the stories of five youths who have taken time out of their busy lives to get a first-hand experience of the joy of making a difference in someone’s life. Read about a moving experience of someone who helped at the Bidada Medical Camp. Be inspired by Risha Shukla who started a Kids Who Care Foundation at age 7. Learn how a software developer field tested his technology solution for the visually impaired by spending time at the schools for the blind in Bangalore. Get motivated by a story about a medical student who started a non-profit, Suhani Kal, that creates self sustaining health educational programs. And read about how Home of Hope – a sanctuary for the orphans – got started and how it inspired the creation of Crafts of Hope. ….more….

Kids Who Care Foundation: by Risha Shukla. ….more….


Building a Bridge to Increase Education & Technology Access: by Saurabh Sanghvi. ….more….


Suhani Kal (A Better Tomorrow): by Bansari Shah ….more….


Crafts of Hope: by Rupali Saiya….more….


Life Time Memory As Volunteer In India: by Dipal Savla. ….more….

Parliament Of World Religions - Melbourne 2009: Get a sense of the various types of Jain activities presented to the 6000 delegates attending this gathering; and see and feel the excitement the Jain volunteers generated. ….more….

Preserving Jain Heritage in South India: Prepare to be enthralled and excited about our ancient Jain heritage reading of the various ancient Jain shrines and archaeological findings of southern India. ….more….

Victorious Ones- Jain Images of Perfection: World renowned Rubin Museum of Art hosted an exquisite exhibition of Jainism through varied media. Take a virtual tour of the Exhibition. ….more….

My perspective on the Interfaith Activities: by Anop R. Vora, Rochester, NY. A call to the Jain Community of North America on why we should participate in interfaith activities and some tips on what we can do. ….more….

Virchand Raghavji Gandhi Stamp release: A major effort by JAINA to see this great Jain hero get the well deserved recognition. ….more….


Indonesia-USA Interfaith Cooperation, "Silence kills but Dialogue always heals”: An article by the eJain Digest Editorial team. Article based on an interview by an editorial team member with Mr Arvind Vora, Interfaith Chair of JAINA. ….more….


Motivating Children to attend Pathshala: A write-up by the eJain Digest Editorial team. ..more..


Mukeshbhai Doshi - Passion to Serve: Read all about the passion of one individual who is helping young Jains meet other Jains and keep the torch of Jainism lit in North America. ..more..


Anekantwad-A blessing from Jinas,  A tool for Compassionate Communication: by Hema Pokharna. .more….


Key Principles of Jainism in Gandhi’s Philosophy: Ahimsa (non-violence), Aparigraha (non-possessiveness) and Anekantvaad (Tolerance through understanding of multiple viewpoints): Compiled by Dr. Mahendra K. Dosi. .more….


Inauguration of Arhat Touch and Discourses on Bhagavad Gita.   .more….


Interfaith and Outreach Activities in Phoenix, Arizona: by Piyush Shah. .more….


Interfaith Event at Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago: by Shital Shah. .more….


Bhagwan Mahavir Professorship of Jainism.  Jainism is taking a major step in moving from offering college level courses on Jainism to establishing a full time Professorship of Jainism in a North American University (FIU). .more…

YJA National Convention – 2010: See what is being planned for this Convention and how you can participate in it. .more….


Pratishtha ceremonies at Jain Center of America (NY), .more….


Pratishtha Mahotsav in Cleveland. .more….




International School for Jain Studies (ISJS), Progress Report: by Dr.Sulekh C. Jain. ..more.


Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust - 36th Medical and Surgical Camp by Vijay Chheda...more.

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