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Rushabhdev Bhagwan

Rushabhdev Bhagwan was the 1st Tirthankar of this Avsarpinikaal. He was son of King Nabhi and Marudeva Mata and was born at Ayodhya. His symbol is ox and it symbolizes farming. He introduced the technique of farming.

Rushabhdev Bhagwan had 84 Gandhar and his place of Nirvaan is Mount Ashtapada. Rushabhdev Bhagwan in his first sermon said that human being should avoid pramad (laziness). He gave an example that like when the deserts are too hot in day time, people instead of sleeping in night , cross the desert in night as its cool. Similarly too much sleeping (nidra) is also pramad and one should avoid it. To get eternal peace and blissfulness one should do less pramad and spend more time in Dharma Aradhana.

Ajitnath Bhagwan

Ajitnath Bhagwan was the second tirthankar of this Avsarpinikaal. Ajitnath Bhagwan was born to King Jitashatru and Queen Vijaya at Ayodhya. His place of Nirvaan is Sammetshikhar. His symbol is elephant. The counting of Bhav (births) starts after gaining Samyak Darshan. Ajithnath took 3 bhavs to attain liberation. The bhav in which he attained Samayak Darshan is described below. There was a king named Vimalvahan of Sushimanagar.

Once an acharya named Aridhman arrived in the town. King visits the acharaya and asks him a question. He asks,”What inspired you to take Diksa?” Acharaya narrates an incident about his life where he saw a garden full of flowers trees and life. The garden was full of flora and beauty. It was so beautiful the one could sit for hours in that garden. After a few days when the Acharaya again passed from that place, he saw that the garden was destroyed and nothing was left in it. He realized that our body is also the same and nothing will remain. Continuous life and death will give no benefit and so to stop this cycle, diksha is the only way out. King Vimalvahan attained Samyak Darshan after hearing this from Acharaya and later goes on to become our 2nd Tirthankar as Bhagwan Ajitnath.

He had 94 Gandhar and his topic of first sermon was Dharma Dhyan. He preaches about the importance of Dharma Dhyan and there are four ways by which it can be done. Namely, Agya-vichay, Apay-vichay, Vipak-vichay, Sansthan-Vichay.

Sambhavnath Bhagwan
Sambhavnath Bhagwan is the 3rd Tirthankar of the Avsarpani Kal. He was born to father King Jitari and mother Sena Devi. He was born in Shravasti Nagri. His symbol is Horse and had 102 gandhars. Sambhavnath Bhagwan attained nirvana at Samet Shikhar. Bhagwan took 3 bhavs to attain nirvana after Samiyak Darshan.

Bhagwan Sambhavnath was a king of Kshempuri. His name was Vipul Vahan. He was one of the finest kings and was full of mercy and karuna. The Nagari experienced draught and there were extreme situations where everyone faced a lot of difficulties. Lack of rainfall created scarcity of crops.

Normal public could survive by eating all kinds of vegetables including underground vegetables but the question was about the sadhus and the sadhvis. King Vipul Vahan decided to make food for all the sadhus, sadhvis, shravak, and shravika from his own stock in order to save them from this tragedy. And by this act he attained Samyak Darshan.

After Keval Gyan, the topic of his first sermon was anitya bhavna. If we follow the theory of Anitya Bhavna we can save ourselves from Ashubh dhyan (Aarth Dhyan).

Abhinandan Bhagwan
Abhinandan Bhagwan was the fourth Tirthankar of the Avsarpani Kaal. He was born in Ayodhya Nagri to King Samvar and mother Siddhartha. His symbol was monkey. His name was kept Abhinandan becasue as soon as he was born there was happiness all over the kingdom. People got extremely happy and overjoyed. He had 116 Gandhars. He attained Nirvana at Samet Shikhar. After samyak darshan he took 3 bhavs to attain nirvana.

There was king named Mahabal in Ratnasanchaya Nagri. He was full of qualities and was not attached either with his kingdom or with wealth and money. He was calm, polite, down to earth and humble. Once a sadhu arrived at the nagri and he was so impressed that he took Diksha under him. Being a man of qualities he would never get angry on someone who would criticise him or be overwhelmed if someone would praise him. He would always stay neutral and control his senses. He would do a lot of penance. By the way of penance and true faith in Jainism he attained Samyak Darshan. The topic of his first Sermon was Asharan Bhavna.

Sumatinath Bhagwan

Sumatinath Bhagwan was the fifth tirthankar of this Avsarpinikaal. Sumatinath Bhagwan was born to King Megh and Queen Sumangla at Ayodhya. His place of Nirvaan is Sammetshikhar. His symbol is Goose. The counting of Bhav (births) starts after gaining Samyak Darshan. Sumatinath Bhagwan took 3 bhavs to attain liberation.

Once upon a time a trader went to earn money with his two wives. While returning the trader died in an accident,leaving his only son has heir. The son was bought up by both the wives of the trader. As time passed the other wife who had no child started feeling insecured for her future as the son was the only heir and eventually she wouldn’t get any of her husband’s wealth. As a result of this, she started claiming that the child belonged to her and she was the real mother. This fight took them to King Meghrath. For the King and his courtiers, it was next to impossible to decide who the real mother was. After a lot of discussion the court astrologer came to a conclusion and said that Queen Sumangala was going to give birth to a Tirthhankar and would be possible for the Tirthankar to decide who the real mother was due to Avdhik Gyan. After listening to this the real mother immediately reacted and requested for a faster judgment as she wasn’t ready to keep her child with the other wife even for a moment. As soon as she said this, Queen Sumangala who was in the court, suddenly realized the importance of what the real mother was saying and also noticed that the other wife was silent. She immediately told King Megrath and justice was done to the real mother. This was only possible due to her child who had a soul of a Tirthankar and that is why he was named Sumatinath Bhagwan because Sumati means intelligence.

He had 100 Gandhar and his topic of first sermon was Ekatva Bhavna. He preaches about the importance of Ekatva Bhavna which means that each human being comes alone and goes alone and as such also each one has to pay for his own deeds alone. Even a person does any misdeed for his earnings and the benefits are enjoyed by all members of family but he has to alone suffer for this misdeed.

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