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Cause of Swine Flu?

Posted By Jainlink member, Saturday, May 2, 2009

The following discussion took place on


The current global flu we are witnessing, is but the latest in a series of global diseases produced by the grossly unnatural concentration of animals (pigs, chickens, cows and  in massively dense, constrained, dirty conditions. This for the sole purpose of mass production, to provide cheap meat for human consumption.
Animals suffer massive pain, anxiety, breathing problems and skin infections (to name just a few) in these factories of industrial death. Picture the conditions in which millions of Jews were kept in the mass scale concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Or, the slave ships which brought tens of thousands of Africans at a time to the shores of Britain and Europe. Well, the animals suffer exactly the same distress and pain, bringing the same mix of faeces, urine, perspiration, infections and disease across their numbers.
The global meat eating obsession, is responsible for this 'swine flu', just as it was for 'Mad Cow Disease' (BSE) in the 1990s. Human obsession with unnatural produce, at an unnatural rate, in unnatural conditions, is the cause of much pain to humans, animals and the planet. The global meat industry is happy to feed the global meat demand, with cheap, squalid, pain-ridden animals. Just like the historic slave industry was happy to supply millions of African slaves kept and transported in squalid, disease-ridden, cramped conditions, deprived of food, water and hygiene. As experts quietly confirm, all meat and dairy, however presented in clean, glorious packaging, is intrinsically diseased. 90% of food poisoning in the UK is directly attributed to meat consumption. Meat eaters enjoy your meat, and the pain and disease that comes with it. It will deservedly consume you aswell!
"In nature, cattle eat grass <> . In modern industrial cattle-farming, various commercial feeds are used, which may contain ingredients including antibiotics <> , hormones <> , pesticides <> , fertilizers <> , and protein <>  supplements. The use of meat and bone meal, produced from the ground and cooked left-overs of the slaughtering process as well as from the cadavers of sick and injured animals such as cattle, sheep, or chickens, as a protein supplement in cattle feed was widespread in Europe <>  prior to about 1987."
See the following article in the current newsletter of the Ecologist:
"Animals kept in industrial conditions, crowded into small pens next to each other, fed unnatural diets, and kept ‘healthy’ with a regime of veterinary drugs, will have greatly weakened immune systems and will effectively act as living Petri dishes in which this virus and others may combine and recombine to become unique strains that, in theory, can also be uniquely virulent.

Should an intermediary vector be involved, such as the flies that reproduce in the pig faeces which quickly builds up on the grounds around large hog raising facilities, this will make the swift spread of the disease to humans much more likely. There are a number of these types of facilities in the Mexican state of Vera Cruz, where the outbreak is believed to have originated."
Sick as a Pig:
jagdeesh singh <>
PEACE: People...Earth...Animals...Collective...Existence

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