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Is gravity a Dharma or Adharma (Principle of Motion /Rest)

Posted By Dharamraj Khot, Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Following is explained in more detail the role of Dharma (Principal of Motion) and Adharma (Principle of Rest). These principles in general are hard to understand because they are formless (arupee) and shapeless (amurtik).  They are distinct part of the Jain metaphysics.
Please forward this email to your Level 5A and 5B students, and hold appropriate discussions to explain the concept. I am happy to talk to the class again to explain the concept. I would like them to understand with clarity.
What is it?
Both are formless and cannot be seen or felt by our sensory organs. Principle of Motion assists Jivas and Matter in traveling from one point to another in the cosmos. Similarly, the Principle of Rest assists Jiva and Matter from travel position to that of rest. 
Dharma and Adharma are non-physical, non-atomic and non-discreet. As explained in the class, this is the reason that some things that help us move physically must not be considered as Dharma, such as car, airplane, etc.
Dharma and Adharma do not make object move or come to stop, but the objects move on their own. Dharma and Adharma are passive and indirect, and provide a medium only.
Why are they needed?
They guarantee the free movement and stoppage of objects in the cosmos. Without the either, the system would result in absurdity.
The example of a fish swimming in water is provided to help understand the concept. One must not deduce that water is itself a Dharma. It should only be understood that both Dharma and Adharma pervade through the cosmos until the last point of Siddha-Shila.
As regards the gravity, based on the explanation above, it does not play any role here. The concept of gravity is a scientific one; it has no application in Jain metaphysics.

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