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Can good karmas get rid of bad karmas?

Posted By Yogendra K. Jain, Saturday, June 14, 2008
Question:  Can good karmas get rid of bad karmas?

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Dharmaraj Khot says...
Posted Wednesday, July 23, 2008
||Swasti Siddham, Namo Siddhnam||

Jai Jinendra Sonia and Yogen,

Please accept my apology for not responding to you sooner due to personal and professional preoccupation.

Your Question: Can good karmas get rid of bad karmas?

Answer and Analysis: The short answer is – No.

A soul cannot get rid of bad karmas by doing good karmas. The only way a soul can get rid of any or all karmas is by practicing Samvar and Nirjara, i.e., by stopping the karmic inflow and by shedding existing bonded karmic matter by performing penance of the Self (Atma-Dhyan).

The theory of karma in Jain Philosophy does not operate like a sea-saw or measurement scale where a heap of good karmas can be measured and balanced against bad karmas. When a soul binds itself with auspicious karmas (which you are referring to as good karmas) and inauspicious karmas (referred to as bad karmas), a soul will have to suffer good and bad consequences, respectively and separately. Hence auspicious karmas and inauspicious karmas will yield results separately. One does not cancel other one out.

However, Jain Philosophy states that the duration (Stithi) and intensity (Anubhag) of karmas can increase or decrease. For example, due to past inauspicious karma, if a person is in a state of grief and sorrow, the auspicious karmas may lower the intensity and duration of pain suffered by that person. But the karmas cannot be cancelled out. Both inauspicious karmas and auspicious karmas will yield fruits on their own accord.

Please pardon any shortcomings in this reply.

Dharmaraj Khot
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Urmish R. Mehta says...
Posted Monday, March 9, 2009
Respected Shri Dharmrajji,

" stopping the karmic inflow and by shedding existing bonded karmic matter by performing penance of the Self (Atma-Dhyan)"

So how exactly Atma-Dhayn is carried out? Regular recitation of Samayik Sutra accompanied with devotional activities for 48 minutes will do it? Or something more is needed to achieve Savvar and Nirjara? And what about when outside Samayik buried with regular life issues?

Thank you

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dr.dhaval n. ghalla says...
Posted Monday, February 1, 2010
the karma most difficult to conqeour is mohaniya karm which has 2 parts 1]darshaniya mohaniya which can be conqeoured by SWAROOP BHAN THAVATHI and charitra mohaniya which can be conqeoured by MOHA NI CHESTA BAND KARVATHI.
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