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Are we lost on virtues?

Posted By Himanshu K. Gandhi, Sunday, February 2, 2014

Are we lost on virtues?

Make an honest reflection on our thoughts, words and actions... to modulate them for a better self... and making of a better society and strengthening bond of humanity.

By: Himanshu K. Gandhi

Places of faith, be it a temple, or a monastery, or a mosque, or a church, or a gurudwara, or an agiary, or an institution whose raison d'être is faith, are all supposedly built to espouse virtues and further core tenets embodied in their own faiths. But, do they really? Take for instance, one central and core tenet of each and every faith; that of truth. The source of funds for donations to build or maintain the place of worship or faith based institution, donated under the guise of pursuit of one’s faith, is never questioned.

In fact, it is widely believed and accepted norm that disproportionably large amount of those funds are earned through some form of deceit; unaccounted or black money, or evasion of taxes, or income from a business that has gained from deceit in their operations or aided by corrupt practices of others. In effect, prima facie foundation of these places of faith is hollow in virtues and the critical blood sustaining the operations is primarily corrupted. For a follower of Jainism questions become starker on additional counts of deceit; are the sources of funds engaged in, or benefit from, operations or services that involve killing of animals, or sensuous titillations?

Unless deliberate care and conscientious efforts are undertaken to support and strengthen the virtues espoused in ones faith, the whole edifice is just a façade of brick and wood that will crumble and decay. While we generally take great care that the food that is served, in these places of faith, is saattvik or halal or kosher, should we not even bother to care that sources of funds, that run the place, survive the same test? While it may not be possible to eradicate deceit from sources of funds, can we at least make an honest and sincere effort? There is no deficit of greater import then that of virtues, and no pandemic of greater threat to human kind then that of deceit. Thread of virtues ties humanity together and to make our bonds stronger we have to rope in stronger virtues.

Campaign for truth starts here, now… with a warm invite to all those who have distanced themselves from deceit, or have taken unto themselves a solemn pledge to displace deceit out of their being. Truthfulness is a single domino. Once it falls into place, all other dominoes of righteous conduct follow through in synchronicity. We all may have, or have had, some "ignorance", "excuse", "limitation" or "circumstance beyond our control" to fall into deceit, or not mount enough resistance to it. Can we all join hands to call deceit out from within us or without, and make a real effort to remain away from artifice and deceit?

Any and every humble effort of ours towards self reform will energize those within our circle of influence to do the same. Each one of us supports the other. For our own good and for the common good, let us come together, to help humanity stave off the scourge and pandemic of deceit. When we take on a solemn pledge we move to actualize the notion. Kindly join the campaign for truth in self by following the link below and click on "Pledge. And, when you have done so, kindly enjoin everyone in your circle of influence to do the same.

Let us all do our bit.

About the author: Himanshu is based in Boston, MA and is an avid follower of Jainism. He administers a Facebook group ‘Campaign for Truth’, where in all of the members have taken a solemn pledge to displace deceit out of their being, to enable them to support cause of truth in each and every sphere of life, and raise voice of reason to call out deceit when and where possible. To join the group or any comments email him at

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