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India for Freedom- Can We… Start with Self?

Posted By Himanshu K. Gandhi, Thursday, July 18, 2013
Updated: Saturday, November 9, 2013

India for Freedom- Can We… Start with Self?

Make an honest reflection on our thoughts, words and actions... to modulate them for a better self... and making of a better society and nation.

By: Himanshu K. Gandhi

The greatest challenge to India’s future is not dwindling natural resources, or corruption, or divisively fractured political establishment, but deeply pervasive abject indifference of a wide swath of masses.

Those at one end of the pole with capacity and resources to make a change continue to maroon the trust and fabric of nation for their own unashamed lustful greed, scheming with corrupt bureaucratic setup for means unto themselves with abject disregard for morality, ethics and making of a capable nation.

While, for those at the other end of the same pole, daily struggle to cope with hyper inflation can barely make them ponder about the road ahead.

And, the growing glorified middle remains gruesomely detached from inner circles of power, almost scared to pit their head in the smoldering pit of ever growing underground economy with well entrenched politico-goons connections wielding control at local government establishments.

If there is only one area that we have failed miserably, as an individual and as a nation... it is, not living by our virtues. As, how can a nocturnal enlighten anyone in his/her circle of influence on beauty of a rainbow?

In India, like any developing/developed places, intellect has mostly gone awry to service fear or greed, or has succumbed to avarice. Culture of sympathy, tolerance, forgiveness and notion of for-the-greater-good need be taught, learned and practiced afresh. There is no other alternative.

Can we... all who care to see our nation free from corruption... resolve to not pay up into the demands of a bribe, and… resolve not to make way for our gain by aiding or abetting any corrupt practices, and… resolve not to engage in any transactions that cause or involve black money, or that are helped by seeking or giving undue underhand favors?

Can we... all who care to see our nation respect women... resolve to not pay up into the demands of a dowry, and… resolve not to engage in barter of dowry, which remains a root cause for female foeticide and female infanticide, and… resolve not to be entertained by sounds and images stocking carnal thoughts and insidious behavior?

Can we… all who care to see our nation clean and green… resolve to start with clean up of our own building, street, and neighborhood, and… resolve to grow and save vegetation in our sphere of influence?

Can we... all who care to see our nation lead into better governance… resolve to be more involved in public policy making institutions, processes and be willing to cross to the other side to face the music?

Can we... all who care to see our nation succeed... resolve not to disparage it and be part of the solution, and… resolve to pitch in with volunteering hours and any resources that we can spare... to work on common good?

Unless, we are honest with ourselves and care to start with self... we would have failed all of those that have sacrificed their lives to make this nation. And more regretfully, failed our children to leave behind a legacy to call their place a home… no matter where we live.

Extortion or any corrupt practices are a chase of those that feed on their greed, and our fear. We cannot curb their greed… but can work on our fear.

What we can certainly not do is to stoke those tendencies by essentially practicing in the same circle, for our own benefit... for instance:

Corrupt practices are rife not only in public sector, but widely prevalent today in private sector. Each and every honest businessperson in our nation will recount the magnitude and stifling hold of common place norms of deceit, vogue of black money and deeply ingrained culture of favoritism.

Large majority of transactions from real estate to purchase of goods & services are facilitated by, or engender, unaccounted or black money.

Very few make deliberate and conscious efforts to distance themselves from corrupt practices. In effect, make hay of them for own benefit, or surrendering their plight without honest efforts to resist.

Diminutive forces drowning our nation will become fearful once challenge to them becomes strong. Start inadvertently needs to be from somewhere where we are most uncomfortable with... our self. Only then will foundation of our challenge be strong enough to sustain long drawn on struggle... for real independence, and reverting to our heritage, as a virtuous nation.

About the author: Himanshu is based in Boston, MA and is an avid follower of Jainism. He administers a Facebook group ‘SSS… Solution Starts with Self’, where his effort is to support thoughts that enrich the base ethos of simple, straightforward and honest conduct, to break the pace of greed and vice, everywhere we see. To join the group or any comments email him at

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