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India for Freedom- An Approach to Solution… that Starts with Self.

Posted By Himanshu K. Gandhi, Thursday, June 20, 2013
Updated: Saturday, November 9, 2013

India for Freedom- An Approach to Solution… that Starts with Self.

Make an honest reflection on how we can cure ourselves to further our motive to free India of its constraints that impede its excellence in all spheres of human association.

By: Himanshu K. Gandhi

Ignoring a festering problem or wishing it away... does not always make it go away. More likely then not, like a seething open wound, it will occupy our attention, even when we choose to turn our eyes away from it.

Many great societal challenges of our current times are such... Leaving us with only one choice... but, to boldly confront it and call attention to resources when and where possible to help address it.

Cry as we may all, against the tyranny of justice, or slaughter of truth, or senseless violence, or corrupt system… any demons without can only be humbled when shout to action to the other side... is preceded by call to action for principled self, within. Until the principled 1% of the society rise up to walk the talk... and commit themselves to be in the mix to engage a change... masses at large will never gain any currency in this doctored and deliberately fractured setups we still call democracy… anywhere where the greed resides.

First Leg of Our Response: Imbibe Virtues

Honest and truthful conduct that we expect of others, need to be imbibed solemnly by us.

The germ of incessant corruption-of-character and diminutive conduct is wide spread... into the very fabric of our current day common activities, across anywhere where greed resides. To give it a meaningful resistance, first and foremost we have to come to terms with ourselves… howsoever reluctant we may be... as soiled broom cannot clean the room.

We cannot hope to curtail or tame corrosive influence of underground economy and underworld, from infrastructure projects, to housing development, to rigged markets, to halls of education, to religious charities… unless our own business or daily transactions are devoid of black money, or deceitful means, or are not helped by seeking or giving undue underhand favors.

We cannot rise in respect for women and break the back of ghastly treatment of women from forced female feticides, to rape and molestation, to far more common groping and harassment… unless we have completely grounded our own undercurrents of salacious conduct and refuse to be entertained by sounds and images stocking carnal thoughts and insidious behavior.

Let us humbly submit to introspect, practice true humility, promise to be selfless, truthful (without deceit) and inspire everyone in our circle of influence to do the same.

Second Leg of Our Response: Engender Selfless Motive in Our Self

Solutions are much easy to come about, implement and stick... when selfless motive flows in the veins of fellow men and women; motive sans greed, glory or any gain, including sensuous pleasure, for personal ends. Selfless motive is the only antidote to susceptibility to corrupt thoughts, which are harbingers to corrupt practices.

An old fable of 'Stone on the Road' can only teach us if we are inclined to put our virtuous principles into practice... with every thought, word and action. Only way out, and forward, is to heed our own call to make better and take ownership, for common good.

Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, M.L. King and Frederick Douglas won the plurality of bitter struggles based on singularity of the strength of their character. There is no alternative.

Third Leg of our Response: Saving what Remains Good

To get to work in identifying and isolating, to protect, nurture and nourish what remains good. Start at local community level; spread the deliberate message, to wider circles to amass support of local NGOs, charitable faith institutions, and any and everyone who is an honest believer in this effort.

First and foremost there in, is to protect and support, in any which way we can, people and institutions that run on selfless motive. It is much easier to spot them… once we adorn the very same colors.

Fourth leg of our response: Rebuild

We would have already identified problem areas when we work diligently to support and protect that which remains good. Let us be more involved in public policy making institutions, processes and be willing to cross to the other side to face the music. What democracies need is leaders primed by the power of principles and not by the power of money. If elections at all levels of government are commissioned by this yardstick, we can truly turn around this parody in action.

Bring forth as many fellow well-wishers in the common good process, to break corrupt practices, rebuild tarnished instistutions, and effect acute resistence against forces that are at work, to break us apart.

The key is to stay selfless… humble, truthful and not to do for glory.

Remember, a spark at the end of a cigarette butt at a remote camp in Arizona had no idea that it had power to ignite 350,000 acres of forest. Constructive forces take much longer time to work through… but they do work… when aligned with selfless motive.

About the author: Himanshu is based in Boston, MA and is an avid follower of Jainism. He administers a Facebook group ‘India for Freedom’, where his effort is to support thoughts that leads us to better state of responsibility for our nation, which starts with self. To join the group or any comments email him at

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